Barduva Enclosed Platforms

The SB200 Home Lift is designed for utility and comfort through smooth operation with below average noise levels, making them the perfect addition to your home or business.
With a micro-computer based control system, comprehensive safety features, aluminium, glass and steel profile shaft walls the SB200 is an attractive and functional addition to any building they are installed; and as an added bonus, can travel upward to 13 meters.
The screw driven drive system can support weights of up to 400 kg (or 5 people) and can support up to 6 landings.
The SB200 is available in custom dimensions depending on our clients’ needs, both in terms of platform and shaft dimensions.
This lift can have up to 3 doors per landing, and features a soft start and stop as a standard feature.
These lifts are able to be operated indoors and outdoors and comply with the European platform lifts standard (EN81-41:2010)