Smart Lifting Solutions

Open platforms, inclined platforms, one step platforms, we have a huge range of platform lifts that will cater for many different environments. 

Our Platform Lift Range

Open Platforms

A very stylish modern screw driven platform from Barduva. A European leader in design and platform engineering , this there latest offers all with a competitive price tag attached. The platform can lift from 600 mm to 3000 mm in height.

One Step Platforms

An economical and practical way of overcoming steps of up to 220 mm in height. The One Step lift is quiet in operation and extremely reliable due to its design. Suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

Reconditioned Platforms

Reconditioned platform lifts are a great way to supply your building with the accessibility needs you require while saving you thousands in the cost of having to purchase a new unit. The platforms we supply come with 6 months parts warranty and 12 months service contract included as standard.

X &Z- Slim Platforms

 These platforms are both stylish and highly practical. Hidden till required to assist people overcome obstacles the X and Z slim range of platforms store flat in the floor before lifting passengers safely and smoothly.

Inclined Platforms

Inclined platforms are an excellent design for the building that wants to fully cater for everyone. When the platform is required for use it lowers allowing wheelchairs to be loaded easily. It then travels the stairs quietly and when finished raises in storage against the wall leaving the stairs to be used as normal once again. The unit is powered by batteries so even in power failure the unit will operate as normal as not to leave passengers trapped 

Enclosed Platforms


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